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Equinox Workouts in NYC


Now that the new year is well underway, some of us may be using February as the new January for getting through your 2019 goals. And that is totally okay! Sometimes it takes changing things up and switching your game completely. This 2019, the latest workout trends are motivating you to shift your perspective when it comes to being active. See how they are starting to appear in your local gyms and studios just like our NYC picks. Try out these 5 emerging workouts in 2019:

HIIT Hybrids Showing Up in Your Yoga Classes


yoga in nyc


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training has evolved into a main ingredient for workout programs on top of being a cultural phenomenon. But it’s popularity is much deserved. HIIT is an excellent choice in optimizing your workout results. A combination of short, intense, unsustainable bursts of physical activity, paired with intervals of quick rests. The HIIT options are endless. This year, see HIIT integrate to other types of workouts like yoga. CorePower Yoga does a great job of mixing in HIIT in their infamous Yoga Sculpt class so you’ll be sure to experience zen with spurts of increased heart rate. Want to see it in action? Check out a video here. Our favorite spot is in Tribeca ;)

The Streaming Workout: Exercise While Never Leaving Your House

at-home workout


Sometimes a personal trainer nor boutique studio membership is feasible. Maybe you feel more comfortable working out in the comfort of your own home. All perfect reasons to jump on the streaming workout trend that’s been taking off this 2019. Our Body Electric or better known as Obé has taken off broadcasting 14 live workouts a day with an archive of over 500 classes. Feel as though you are amongst a classroom setting while never leaving your Brooklyn apartment. Integrate exercise into your lifestyle more easily without breaking the bank, or moving too far from your couch. Obé makes it easy to schedule your classes ahead of time, as well as seamless calendar syncing having us applaud from the sidelines for optimal tech integration.

Workouts with Science in Mind 


shock therapy workouts


Take a scientific approach the next time you workout. Today, the topic of science and exercising could not be more relevant. People are finding new methods to integrate science + technology with exercise + health. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a new, safe, and effective technology to optimize your workouts. Shock Therapy Fitness suits you up to workout while your muscles are experiencing low-frequency controlled electric pulses. This causes your muscles to contract and relax, experiencing a harder workout in a shorter amount of time. Use EMS offered at this Lennox Hill gym to improve your strength and metabolism.

The Treadmill Takeover: Here to Stay


barrys bootcamp


Running can allow for optimal calorie burning while some find it even meditative. Need a warm up before you get into your own workout routine? 5 minutes walking up-hill is all you need. The treadmill is adaptable and easy to integrate into your workout. So much so that studios around the world are installing 15-20 treadmills and building an entire program around it. The infamous Barry’s Bootcamp is a high intensity workout that tones and metabolizes leaving you drenched after class. Combining 25 minutes of a cardiovascular circuit on a treadmill with weights on the floor, catch your self running faster than ever before with encouraging instructors, loud music, and the supportive community of everyone sweating in the class with you.

When in Doubt, Dance it Out


dance class in NYC


When it comes down to it all, working out is very much about enjoying yourself and feeling good. A solid dance class can do just that, but when the music’s loud and putting you in a #mood you can forget that you’re working out all together. 305 Fitness is one of the best dance classes you can take in the city, but don’t let us be the first to tell you. Always full, always fun, 305 has you feeling like you’re more at a dance party than a workout class– live DJ included. Do you have two left feet? You definitely won’t be the only one. 305 will have you feeling good today and sore tomorrow without even noticing that you’re putting in the work with a new dance routine that you can whip out next time you’re out on the town.


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