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dancing in New York


Since launching our Spring 2019 collection, inspired by the likes of the iconic 80’s film Flashdance, we’ve set the bar high for our next workout choice: dance.

As a trend that’s been hitting the market hard recently, we can see why so many people have been swearing by it; dance is empowering. It’s engaging, it’s a confidence builder, and—best of allit’s a great source of cardio and muscle strengthening that works out all aspects of the body in tandem. With lots of new classes, studios and instructors who are all more than willing to push you to your best, what’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Whether you’re more interested in hip hop classes, ballet classes, barre workouts, or are just looking for dance workouts for beginners, we’ve got you covered. Compiling a list of some of the hottest and best dance workout studios currently in New York City, these are all places that you can #MoveWithMICHI and feel good about joining in on the movement.




With a live DJ, flashing lights, and a high-energy environment, 305 Fitness is the unifying dance workout you’ve been searching for. As mentioned in our last post, this positive dance space tones, sculpts, and sweats you into shape through high-intensity rhythmic cardio– all while making it addictively fun. No past experience is needed here either! These classes are easy to follow and will have you smiling (yet sore, in the best way possible) for days afterwards.

Our Glow Bra and Wave Legging would be perfect for a class like this, flattering your physique while also providing support for any movement.

AKT InMotion



AKT is a full workout for both the body and mind. Created for all fitness levels or stages of your wellness journey, founder Anna Kaiser has designed a truly supportive community to help you strengthen your dancing abilities as well as you body. With countless testimonies and celebrity clients such as Shakira and Karlie Kloss, you know you’ll be seeing results here to make you love (and appreciate) its intense burn.

Sweat in style wearing the Liquid Bike Short and Wave Bra for a sweat-wicking yet supportive ‘fit.




Blurring the lines between dance cardio and strength-training, The Sculpt Society was a class developed by Megan Roup to fully tone the body in under an hour flat. Perfect for beginners of dance, this class is focused on technique and lightweight sculpting to keep your physique long and lean with its all-over body workout.

Just like how @brittnitucker was featured wearing her MICHI Mist set on their Instagram, elegant your dancewear with our Glory Crop Top & Glory Legging from our newest Spring ‘19 collection.




With a team of dancers-turned instructors to teach you the ropes, founder Katia Pryce of DanceBody devised a program that truly lives up to its name. Targeting muscles you won’t even know existed, these routines will push you through a full-intensity, dance-inspired cardio session guaranteed to make you sweat. Let this be your new guilty pleasure (minus any of the guilt).

We recommend wearing anything you can move freely in and MICHI is designed especially for that! Give our Fusion Pocket Legging and Vibe Crop Top a try for full mobility.




The BDC takes choreography seriously, making this an ideal spot for anyone looking to take their dance training to new heights. Offering over 55 classes a day with drop-ins always available, the Broadway Dance Center offers a range of levels and styles of dance (who knew Street Jazz or Latin Fusion were options?) to anyone who is willing to learn.

At BDC, they recommending you wear something that allows teachers to see any corrections they may need to make to your form. In that case, our Glow High Waisted Leggings and our Glow Wrap Top (for added support yet a tight, breathable fit) would be a great pick for you.

Comment below what Dance workout you're trying these days!

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