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General Manager


MICHI (, a directional, high performance active lifestyle brand, that believes in sustainability and “Fueling Female Confidence” is currently seeking an experienced General Manager in Toronto, Canada



We are seeking a strong leader with a team oriented mindset and management style much like a world-class sports team coach to run the day-to-day operations of the business. This person will prioritize the brand, product and culture while having financial oversight on the business and help build a dynamic organization with a strong company culture. The ideal candidate is financially and operationally savvy while being a people first person.



Company Strategy

  • Spearhead innovative strategic thinking companywide.
  • Identifying growth opportunities and areas to shift away from.
  • Spend the time to understand the company vision and expectations to shape the work environment with high standards.
  • Work closely with CEO to set company goals that force the organization to stretch to achieve them.
  • Influence the basic business concepts the company adopts.
  • Become deeply involved in refining and communicating the company’s values.
  • Help craft the strategic vision.
  • Commit the entire organization to a particular strategy.
  • Be involved in strategy formulation and most importantly spearheading the effort.
  • Implement strategic vision; taking into account the industry, the customer, and the competitive environment which leads to innovation targeted at a particular competitive position.


Financial Oversight

  • Manage company resources and budgets productively.
  • Spend company cash as though it belongs to you.
  • Improve sales and profits of the strongest products in the strongest markets.
  • Protect the downside on major investments.
  • Practice strong judgement to not commit the company to more things than it can handle or—at the other extreme—to a pace that falls short of its capacity. 
  • Concentrate more resources on situations that provide the opportunity to gain an important competitive edge, or at least to improve existing.
  • Continually search for ways to do things better at lower cost and don’t settle for vague answers, blaming, excuses, wishful thinking, or lack of follow-up when new initiatives or requests are proposed.
  • Focus on fewer bets and back them aggressively, to improve the odds.
  • Avoid projects where everything has to work 110% to get a decent return.
  • Be willing to postpone or rethink high-risk investments or short change low-return businesses.


People and Culture Development

  • Develop a distinctive work environment and culture.
  • Direct the people development and deployment process.
  • Build a dynamic organization.
  • Build a team of high performing leaders that coach and foster an environment of accountability, career development and high employee engagement.
  • Equip and encourage leaders and employees to drive their own development, measure their success and continually strive to improve themselves and advance the business as whole while ensuring succession plans are in place for critical roles.
  • Understand the value and impact of teamwork.
  • Ensure the recruitment and retention of the best talent; develop and maintain succession plans for leadership and other critical roles.
  • Implement an engaging and educational employee onboarding experience.
  • Raise the performance expectations for every manager.
  • Make conscious decisions about what tangible measures constitute superior performance.
  • Understanding of the kinds of rewards that will motivate people to achieve their goals and the skills needed to become an industry leader.
  • Understand what kind of managers we need to compete effectively now and in the foreseeable future. 
  • Implement initiatives to motivate and maintain key people.
  • Be aware of unproductive people and assets to get them up to par or off the books.
  • Attract talented managers, develop them quickly, and keep them challenged and effectively deployed.
  • Willingly make the tough calls it takes to upgrade an organization.
  • Initiate stretch projects for accelerated job growth.
  • Ensure rewards are linked to performance.
  • Understand how to manage a diverse team of managers from several areas.
  • Routinely bring managers together to talk about the business, to get multiple inputs on important projects, and line up their support.


Business Operations

  • Oversee day-to-day operations.
  • Consistent achievement of sales and customer experience targets and goals.
  • Run the business day-to-day by producing sound plans, spotting problems and opportunities early, and responding aggressively to them.
  • Keeps abreast of changing market conditions, business opportunities and threats.
  • Make recommendations to change in process and strategy to address challenges and opportunities.
  • Maintain all Health and Safety and Asset Protections standards, company policies and procedures.
  • Use information well to spot problems early and to identify potential competitive edges.
  • Develop a strong sense of the organization’s capabilities.
  • Regard competitiveness gaps—in products, benefits, features, service—as crises and take action on them.
  • Build on existing strengths while searching out new sources of advantage.
  • Expect the competition to retaliate to any strategic move that works, and plan for the worst-case response while getting out of games we cannot win. 
  • Ensure the process produces better results each year and that it gets pushed farther down in the organization.
  • Look for the simplest ways to do things, which usually means fewer layers, bigger jobs, and broader responsibilities.
  • Get personally involved in solving important problems, regardless of what the organization chart says.
  • Supervise operations and implementation.
  • Push for functional excellence all across the business.



  • 10+ years management experience in a DTC business with accountability for leading teams.
  • Previous financial or accounting experience as a Controller or in a financial role.
  • Experience with start-up culture and the DTC environment.
  • Solid understanding of overall DTC or B2C operations.
  • Very results-oriented.
  • Leadership skills paralleling a world class sports coach, an admired military general, or a symphony conductor.
  • Committed to execution of operating plans rather than just trying to achieve.
  • On top of all of the numbers and what’s required to meet them but will anticipate surprises and unexpected events.
  • A rare combination of fine operator and fine conceptualizer.
  • Intimately knows the customers, products, and competitors and never stops trying to read the facts and figures for clues to an edge in the marketplace.
  • Strong understand of the difference between the concepts and execution of giving customers better value.
  • Regularly asks themselves “so what” and “why.”



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