Nicole Meline is an NYC-based athlete, artist, and catalyst who believes our world deserves our strength. That we are made to move in ways that astonish us, lifelong. That physical movement can be a spiritually seismic event. That breath and sweat are doorways to the heart—noise cancelling headphones for the symphony of our original, singular DNA. That ultimately, the metric that matters is joy.
As Master Instructor at Peloton, Nicole shaped workouts for a global digital audience. She competes internationally in Ironman triathlon and is a devoted yogi whose center of gravity is a full-bodied pursuit of joy. Believing deeply in fresh starts and second—or seventieth—acts, Nicole coaches clients, trainers, and communities around the world to craft lives, bodies, and enterprises that embody joyful creativity.
She teaches master classes in various fitness modalities and yoga, leads wellness and creativity retreats, and offers private coaching and an online course connecting women around the world to their physical and spiritual strength, and to each other. She loves Michi’s sleek designs and strong, soft mesh because it reminds her that the rips and tears of life can be beautiful, and echoes one of her mottos:
There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. - Leonard Cohen

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