Movement has always been a huge part of my life. It’s my escape, my source of strength. I discovered early in life how powerful movement could be for leading a happy, balanced life. Whether it was diving into a pool and washing my teen angst away, dancing through the difficulties in young adulthood, or using a serious sweat session of any kind to detox. Movement not only moved me, but let me be moved into new places, connect to my body on a deeper level and discover new things about myself. I believe it’s all connected – our body and our mind share and store experiences and it takes conditioning both to be a truly strong and balanced person. My story is about trying to find that balance in myself and share the experience with others.

Five years ago, I was in a stressful corporate sales job and had a very young daughter who needed a lot of time. Taking care of my body and exercise was more important than ever, but after getting badly injured in a class I couldn’t do anything for months. My mood dropped and I was desperate for a solution. That’s when I discovered a stretching and strengthening technique called Essentrics, which helped me rehab and regain my strength and mobility. I loved it so much I decided to do the teacher training. In June of 2016 after teaching at many incredible studios and gyms, I took the big plunge and opened Framewrk, a movement studio in Toronto’s east end. This studio is the culmination of all of what I have learned over the years about community and fitness and how it can transform our lives and bodies.
Framewrk is attracting a lot of like-minded people, but the underlying tone is one of openness and authenticity. My own teaching style is an inclusive experience for people of all fitness levels and ages. No one wants to feel awkward in a class and having a space where people can learn and experience an Essentrics, Pilates, Barre, Yoga or Conditioning class that they may never have felt comfortable trying before, may encourage them to find a new connection with their body or their strength. The more we focus on that outcome – the building of strong, balanced individuals, the more we positively influence the world around us and build a stronger community.

Josephine's Personal Motto: "Energy flows where attention goes.” I try to focus what I want, not what I’m afraid of.

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