I spent my entire life dwelling within my self trying to be strong. I was trying to be enough, to be somebody else to please my abusive partners and because of that I struggled with eating disorders and depression, manifesting through severe panic attacks that were dictating my life and forcing me to always ask for help, making me feel powerless and inadequate.

I was constantly fighting against something, hating my weakness and the way I looked. I was, and still am, a very sensitive person, constantly overwhelmed by many emotions and constantly reminded that being so emotional was wrong, That I was wrong. The more I tried to be strong, the more I was falling apart. I allowed the memories of my past to overcome me, and so many times I ended up thinking that I would not have a future, because I was too little and fragile for this world.

That’s who I was once, a lost soul that was struggling to survive, not really enjoying life until one day, far from home, alone in another country, with a broken heart and an empty wallet, I sat in my little Manhattan apartment and I decided to surrender to the pain. I decided that was time to take control over my life and stop depending upon my abusive partner opinions. Stop depending upon my own fears and insecurities. Forgive my self for my mistakes and embrace my own imperfections.
In an instant I discovered my vulnerability, my fragility, my infinite feminine power. The strength that lies in surviving, the force that shines in my core, the fierce fire that comes from accepting who you are deep down in the scariest place of your soul. There I found the key to existence. I understood that being “little," “alone,”“emotional,” or “not enough” was not my weakness, but my strength and I decided to share that with everybody, hoping to give a voice to those who lost theirs. Hoping to inspire others to love them self as much as they can.

Yoga taught me the desire to be the best I can be, with love and compassion for all that I am, using my body to discover my full potential. I understood that my strength is not measured by the impact that all my hardships in my life have had on me, but instead is measured by the extent of my refusal to allow those events dictate my present and future.

Eleonora's Personal Motto: "Fight for your light and be proud of your darkness, find the courage to be nothing more then your self”

Eleonora is a native of Milan Italy. She is an International body movement specialist, yoga teacher, author, fitness model and founder of the Ode to the Moon project a series of events who uses yoga, art and music to bring awareness on the topic of domestic violence and empower victims of abuses.
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