Throwback Thursday: Women's Health UK 2016 Issue

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JUNE 23rd, 2016

"It’s been such an extreme year, but I feel like I’m coming out of it with so much more of an understanding of how I want my life to be.”

Singer Jessie J stuns on the cover and inside pages of the February 2016 issue of Women's Health UK Magazine in the MICHI Medusa Bathing Suit. The article discusses her triumphs, dreams, and hardships. 


Jessie J says a big part of what keeps her in shape is her cardio-intensive tours and performances (she did 102 shows in 2015!). Off the stage, you can find her running or working out at the gym - staying fit and active are instrumental to Jessie's life.


Part of Jessie’s total wellness regime, following what she shares in a self-preserving manner as ‘personal’ operations, was taking a break from her workouts. Her efforts to protect herself strike a cord with us and serve as a reminder of the importance of rest and recovery for the body and the mind. And her ability to get back into amazing shape and slay Women’s Health UK in our subtly sexy, high neck zip bathing suit, is worthy of a standing ovation. 


Speaking of rest, we may have to replicate Jessie J's look to stay on tempo for our next vacation. Medusa Bathing Suit, pumps, a throw-over jacket... Trip to the Bahamas anyone?

#MoveWithMichi | #TheGymIsYourRunway


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