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MICHI’s Founder and Designer, Michelle Watson, is always steps ahead of the curve. In 2017 she continues to use her superpowers to drive future innovative designs, experiment with up-and-coming workouts and shape environments to complement activity—and not without a dose of inspiration. Read on for an Insider’s look at Michelle’s top trends and inspirations for the year ahead.  



Chefchaouen, Morocco, also known as "The Blue Pearl", is quickly becoming a hot spot for those seeking a calmer side of Morocco, outside of the popular Marrakesh. The blue-hued terracotta lined streets were explored by Michelle over a decade ago and continue to fuel color direction with vibrant shades of azure and indigo.



Kingston, Jamaica-based sculptor and Michelle’s aunt, Margaret Chen, creates large scale works tending towards installation combining wood strips, bones, x-rays, metal and leather. The artist inspires Michelle’s design of unexpected material combinations in MICHI collections, in line with the rise of luxurious mixed textiles in active fashion.

 Watch out for Margaret’s upcoming Los Angeles group exhibit, Circles & Circuits: Chinese Caribbean Art at the Chinese American Museum starting September 2017.





This year Michelle is embracing fitness trends focused on mindful movement through the fusion of mental and physical training. She’s marking her calendar with classes that place equal importance on exercise for the body and the mind, like Equinox’s HeadStrong, to efficiently push boundaries and recharge in one class.  




Contemporary shapes, natural elements and artisan-crafted furniture combine this year to bring the outdoors in. Wood textures, stone patterns and earth tones are on the rise with the trend to connect with nature, and inspiring Michelle to fill spaces in ways that enhance tranquility and provoke creativity. 




As technology and fitness merge, and the desire to disconnect from electronic devices increases, Michelle is inspired to join the two in her training plan. Balance is created through the use of artificial intelligence in combination with inner wisdom and the body's signals for improved performance and active recovery.    


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