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The Games have come and gone faster than we can say Ready… set… go! We are left in awe of the incredible talent of athletes all over the world, as the flame from the torch has been put out. Watching women and men take off explosively and perform at an astounding level during events and races, has placed sprinting on a podium in our minds. We’ve rounded up our top items to shop and tips to share to help you finish sprints like a pro.


Warm up

Sprinting is more dynamic and requires more muscle activation than running, increasing the importance of warming up before you take off. Combine walking, jogging, and dynamic stretches to prep your body to reach it’s top speed on the pavement and reduce your risk of injury.

Ease into it

Gradually adding faster intervals into walking or jogging at moderate paces will reduce the risk of injury, and help you find what works for you. Mile High Run Club Coach, Michael Meliniotis, shared with Women’s Health Magazine that he advises newbies to “walk or jog at a moderate pace for 20 to 30 minutes, three or four times a week” and add one interval workout a week.

Dress the part

The featured outfit has sprinting written all over it. The Chameleon Tank and Strata Running Shorts will take you from the start to finish lines in record times. Both are constructed to withstand the speed and motions of high performance running, and offer ventilation and coverage as you achieve your next personal best. 


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