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FINE TUNE PILATES founder and MICHI Brand Ambassador Brittany Murphy leads carefully customized classes to help studio-goers achieve their goals, while looking really good in indigo. Introduced to the practice to support with singing, she fell in love with Pilates and began teaching in 2009, and has since built a successful studio alongside a dedicated team. Through the body alignment and muscle strengthening focused exercises of the practice, Brittany works to fine tune the bodies and the minds of clients, and aims to share her knowledge with the studio’s surrounding community. We’re here to tell you about her “sing-songy” ways, the landmark she’s conquered in MICHI and how she fine tunes to create a balanced life.


Where are you located?

 461 Roncesvalles in Toronto.


What time does your alarm go off?

 Usually 8:00 am. I'm not a morning person!


First thing you do in the morning?

 Drink a ton of water, sip a coffee and workout!


Breakfast of choice?

 I'm really into smoothie bowls these days.


Coffee or Tea?



Workout of choice?

 Pilates and spin classes.


What are your must-have gym bag items?

 Dry shampoo and Nuun electrolyte tabs.


What's your MICHI uniform?

 Chicane Leggings and the Rize Top.


How does Fine Tune Pilates stand out from other studios?

 We specialize in customizing the session to whomever walks in our door; we don't do one size fits all. FINE TUNE PILATES focuses on what your body needs that day to feel your finest!


Favorite part about your job?

 Meeting so many interesting people. I get to really get to know someone, learn how they're body moves and work with them to achieve their goals. It's the best!


Where's the coolest place you've been to in MICHI?

 I wore my Illusion Leggings when I climbed Machu Picchu last February. My legs were tired and stiff, but I managed to take a picture at the top in a Pilates pose!


How do you create balance in your life outside of your Pilates practice?

 It was my New Years resolution in 2016 to find better live/work balance. It's helped to take on hobbies; I read more books, listen to music, I'm learning Spanish and have travelled a ton this year. Then when I come back to teaching Pilates I feel fresh and inspired again!


Favorite pastime?

 Probably doing Pilates, but I like listening to records with my husband too.


After the completion of your music degree and opening of your own Pilates studio, what role does music play in your life now?

 People always say I have "sing-songy" voice when I'm teaching Pilates which makes me smile. I don't really sing or play music like I used to, but my husband is a DJ so I still feel very connected to music. We discover new songs or details about an artist together, and we listen to music around the house all the time.


What advice would you give to someone aspiring to open his or her own fitness studio?

 Make sure you have a solid team in place. You will need people who can support you, be honest with you, and people you can trust. Teamwork makes the dream work!


How and when did you first discover MICHI?

 I first heard about a Sample Sale MICHI was having in Toronto through a friend about 5 years ago. I picked up a few of the brand's pieces and wore them religiously for years, I've been hooked ever since!


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