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MICHI brand ambassador Kathryn Zbarsky is a woman who wears many hats who is undoubtedly passionate about wellness and fitness. Kathryn frequents the MICHI studio for shopping, making her visits fun every time and consistently styling pieces to perfection. We caught up with instructor of the studio’s powerhouse workouts and talked her workout of choice, the coolest place she’s ever been in MICHI, and her guilty pleasure.


Where are you located?

Right in the heart of downtown Toronto. I'm a 5 minute walk to the king street Lagree. I made sure of that when we moved this Spring! 


What time do you wake up at? 

Totally depends on the day. I have four jobs, teaching Lagree as well as working as a physiotherapist at two clinics and providing home Physio to kids. Every day is different - which, I love. Let's just say never before 6am and (almost) always before 9am.


First thing you like to do in the morning? 

Feed my cat Bruce. He is literally standing on top of me by 6am. Then I run to my espresso machine. 


What does a breakfast typically look like for you?

Americano with my Home made almond milk, and an inner-J protein bar or Green zebra protein balls


Describe your Lagree class in one word?

Intense! I take time to plan out my routines and practice them myself. I want to ensure that clients have the ability to maximize their time - and as we say "embrace the shake". I design my classes to achieve muscle failure! I am also a stickler for form.

Lagree is a high intensity workout that builds stability, strength, balance and promotes flexibility. However, it needs to be done correctly. Form is essential! 


What can people expect in your class?

An intense workout that can be modified for many levels! I like to stay true to the Lagree method. I love the traditional moves and structure of the workout but with a little spice here and there. I do believe in failing muscle groups as much as possible before moving on, so often keep to the traditional blocking of the method. 

As I mentioned, I'm big on form, so you'll get lots of cues and options to modify in my classes! I want everyone to enjoy this method, knowing it can be modified for a variety of fitness levels, body types, injuries and for the pre/post natal client! Of course it is also a kick ass workout for the competitive athlete. That's part of what makes it so great!! 

I also love to accompany my routines with a great play list! 


Workout  of choice? 

Lagree of course, and boxing at our partner studio - Studio KO.

I also love a good 8-12km run on weekends. I believe in moving as much as possible- and try to remember to rest on occasion too! 


What's your MICHI uniform? 

This is a tricky one! I love my Michi gear. Lately I have been living in my Moto leggings, Kitana bra and Avalon zip. The Avalon zip also makes an awesome bikini top or my Stardust Python Leggings and Valour tank!

I always feel my best dressed in Michi! The clothes make me feel strong and sexy every time I wear them.


Favorite part about your job?

The amazing energy clients bring to the studio and that I get back from teaching! I love seeing clients progress in their strength and achieving their goals through Lagree. It's also very rewarding to teach someone their very first class and hear how much they were challenged but enjoyed the method. Lagree becomes addictive very quickly.

 Don't get me wrong - I love my chosen career as a physiotherapist. I wouldn't change that part of my life for a second. 

Teaching fitness was something I always wanted to do in addition to my Physiotherapy career. Lagree was the first type of fitness I had fallen in love with enough to want to teach it. 

I look forward to teaching my classes each week (and dressing in my Michi gear to do it).


Where's the coolest place you've been to in MICHI? 

I loved teaching Lagree in London, UK in my Michi gear this past summer! And my Michi bra collection have been to some amazing drum and bass shows. 


Favorite workout right now?

Again - Lagree and Studio KO. Studio KO is definitely my go to for an all out ass kicking, sweat-fest.


Guilty Pleasure? 

Negronis or a good gin martini - slightly dirty with a twist.

And shopping! Definitely shopping, from clothes to health food and nutrition supplements. Definitely a believer in retail therapy. 


What song is currently on repeat on your ipod?

I'm more of a "set" kind of girl. Most recently I have been listening to technimatic's DNB60 as well as pretty much any LSB set. I love a good Andy C set and am a big fan of my friends Coleco (they make some awesome house music). 

As far as songs go; I love some Drake and have often be known to overplay some good Canadian talent like Drake and The Weeknd in class.

I also love some good classic hip hop. Gang starr, Lost boyz, Tribe, Mos def, the list goes on.  


How and when did you first discover Michi? 

I had started going to a studio Called Union in 2013 where Michi had a sale one weekend. I bought my first Michi item that day - the Illusion leggings and was forever hooked. I came home and raved about my leggings! There have been many Christmas and birthday Michi gift certificates given since then! (I have an awesome boyfriend!)


If you haven’t yet tried the Lagree method, schedule in a class at one of their studios for a workout that effectively combines core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength, and flexibility, at one of their locations in Canada, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 


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