3 Moves to Kick Off Fall

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Let’s get back on track this season with the basics. Intense fitness regimes and restrictive diets are not the only route to a healthy life, and can even have adverse effects. These three small changes have the power to bring about big health benefits now and in the long run.


Walk it out

Mix a power walk into your routine. Get up and out before your normal start time, opt for the pavement instead of public transit, or make a conscious effort to break up your day at the office by taking the long way to your local lunch spot. Walking stimulates your brain, boosts your mood and increases your overall wellness. Keep an extra pair of sneakers in your workplace, create an upbeat playlist to listen to, or recruit a partner to slash excuses and raise motivation.


Change it up

Switch out indulgent meals and treats with nutrient-dense alternatives, without sacrificing flavour. Try spaghetti squash instead of traditional noodles when your pasta craving hits, and get 9% of the recommended daily intake of fiber, and nutrients including vitamins C and A, and Calcium. To satisfy your sweet tooth, choose low-sugar recipes, such as a cocoa banana smoothie made with antioxidant rich unsweetened cocoa and Omega-3 packed flax seeds.


Write it down

Record and track your food choices to hold yourself accountable to what you eat, identify how what you eat makes you feel, and what you may be missing. Write what you plan to eat before meal times, include your hunger level and mood, and consistently record your choices for at least a week to experience better results. Experiment with a handwritten journal or apps, such as MyFitnessPal and LoseIt!, to curve negative habits and increase energy.


With a few minor adjustments to your life, you can be the healthiest version of you. #MoveWithMichi + #TheGymIsYourRunway

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