Active Valentine's Day Dates to Inspire Your Own

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Boxed chocolate, sparkly gemstones and handwritten cards exchanged over candlelit dinners continue to color Valentine’s Day celebrations. Break the boundaries of the walls that enclose that reservation you’ve made and try getting active with your partner this year. We hung out with three couples who love sweating it out in each other’s company to connect, challenge each other and let their playful side out. Read on to find out how they’re spending Valentine’s Day and their advice on making February 14th as swoon-worthy as it is endorphin-filled.



Constantly motivating each other and pushing each other past their limits, Cassie Day and Jahmeek Taylor are putting on their padded leather gloves this Valentine’s Day. The duo—All Day Fit founder and Toronto’s Queen Street Warehouse general manager—believe that being active together leads to being more energetic, healthier and happier people, and together “allows us to feed off the other’s energy and create a really positive environment both at the gym and at home.”

They agree that boxing is “new, exciting and fun, and allows you to get a little sweaty and playful with your partner." A small dose of competition can prove to be beneficial too, Cassie explains, “beating him at a sport is always a great way to start a date.”

For those looking for help in date planning for the occasion, the couple advises to “Challenge your bodies before indulging in a delicious dinner by trying out a fun activity; boxing classes, rock climbing and snowshoeing are all awesome ideas!” Don’t want to stop there? “Follow your plans with a day at the spa in aromatherapy pools and a couples massage!”

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Love at first sight is no myth for this power couple who first met eyes on the sand while training for Canada’s Olympic beach volleyball team. Julia Hamer—neuroscientist and UofT MSc candidate—and Martin ReaderStriveLife co-founder and trainer—have since remained active in the fitness community through leading, coaching and training, and with each other.

Their relationship is strengthened through activity as they “are able to encourage each other, hold each other accountable and improve strengths and weaknesses together,” while also challenging them to better their communication and support one another in moments of discomfort.

Running is an active date of choice for the couple—who also enjoy cross-country skiing and acro yoga—since it is a “great way to spend time outside together while being active” and “there is nothing better than a good sweat together.” The best part? “Since it’s free, we can invest more on delicious food and spoiling each other—guilt-free—afterwards!”

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Sam Shuter and Emily Krouse are here to tell you to think of every day as Valentine’s Day. But—for those looking for some extra special time together—the fine artist and lawyer encourage couples to “disconnect from the distractions of work, phones, social media or errands then do something you’ll both enjoy and that you will both feel great after completing.”

The pair is planning their celebrations to include a yoga class to get a workout in while spending time together doing an activity that makes them feel refreshed and recharged. With endless benefits, a common goal to support each other in achieving and no shortage of events to laugh about afterwards—an awkward pose, falling over—to them, yoga is perfect.

 The fit sweethearts emphasize the importance of working on yourself first to build a strong foundation to be strong as a pair, and moving and sweating together as a “great way to connect, get your endorphins running through you and your serotonin levels spiking.”  And don’t take it too seriously—“be conscious of any pressure you’re putting on yourself to make it perfect."

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Rethink the date you have on autoplan and celebrate outside of the lines this year. We’re inspired by our feature couples to take our Valentines to test our reflexes, go the extra mile and enjoy being in each other’s presence no matter the activity.

How are you incorporating activity into your Valentine's Day?

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