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JUNE 17th, 2016


We are fortunate to work with some inspiring, kind and talented people on our day to day. Fitness and Lifestyle expert, Christine Bullock is one of them. We thought we'd take a few minutes to catch up with her and find out what's new and exciting!

Where are you located?

Hermosa Beach, California 

What time do you wake up?

I used to get up at 5:15 am, but after being diagnosed with hypothyroid I rearranged my schedule to have a calm morning and sleep until my body tells me to wake. No alarm on most days, but I still wake up around 6 - 7 am.

First thing you like to do in the morning?

I re-fill the bird feeder on our deck, make a cup of hot water with lemon, walk over to my yoga mat and meditate for 20 minutes to an hour. I won’t start my day without it and including meditation in my morning routine has had a major impact on my mood, creativity, productivity, and overall day.

What does a breakfast typically look like for you?

I feed on food for the soul first and then typically grab a smoothie or soup. I prefer to consume food that is easily digestible first thing in the morning in order to allow for cleansing from the evening before. 


Any specific beauty routines (day or night)?

I focus on full-body skincare. Most of us take care of only 5% of our skin and neglect the other 95% all over your body. Since the skin is the biggest organ and first line of defense from aging I make sure to protect it by coating it with antioxidants during the day and active ingredients in the evening that support repair and rejuvenation. 

In the morning, I apply two to three products all over my body beginning with Kayo Concentrated Slimming Serum on my trouble areas like thighs and butt. The treats cellulite, while firming and contouring. Then, I use Ayurvedic self-massage “abhyanga”, massaging the Cellular Repair Evening Oil all over the body to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. I top it all off with a little The Body Beautiful Crème because it smell so good. In the evening, I re-apply our Evening Oil all over my body so my skin is hydrated and coated with active nourishing ingredients that will stimulate cellular repair, increase in collagen and elastin, and boost all over hydration while I sleep. 

I realize a body beauty routine is something new, but I feel that all the money we put into facial products are a waste if you leave 95% of your skin unprotected from aging during the day or dehydrated in the evening and therefore unable to repair itself while you sleep. It’s that daily fitness for your skin!

Workout of choice?

I have mixed up my workouts so much as a fitness model, in order to always be prepared for the different demands of photoshoots. But I have found with age I’ve gone back to my roots in ballet, yoga, gyrotonics and Pilates. I love how elegant, elongated, and healthy my body feels after these workouts. 


What's your MICHI uniform?

Everything! Right now live in the new Borderline Pocket Legging. The front line of mesh elongates the leg and I use the pockets for my cellphone when taking a jog. My favorite bra is still the Phoenix Bra because it is so versatile and looks amazing at photoshoots. 

Favorite part about your job?

I love supporting others to achieve success. I believe all other success begins with true health - physical and mental. My programs are all about simplicity, whether it is 20 minute workouts from Super Shred or 20 minute meals in Evolution 20. These simple changes are what make a healthy lifestyle enjoyable and achievable. It makes everything I do worthwhile when fans tell me they lost weight with my program, their skin cleared from the nutritional program, and they feel full of energy. When they feel good, it’s a grass roots affect, where they will in turn motivate everyone around them. 

Where's the coolest place you've been to in MICHI?

Michi has been some pretty cool places with me. I think it has to be a tie between filming my show Fit for Fashion in Asia, where I was all over Indonesia training clients or when we celebrated the launch of my skincare brand Kayo on a yacht in Greece for the show Below Deck. 

Do you prefer cook or bake?

Does prep count? Most of my recipes are under 20 minutes and raw so they are super easy to prepare. However, I have been experimenting recently with vegan gluten-free breads and cakes!

Favorite pastime?

Traveling around the world with my husband or snuggling with my poochons.

Guilty Pleasure?

Tequila - I like to think I’m a connoisseur ;)  

All time favorite movie?

Sabrina (1954) with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart

What song is currently on repeat?

Grace Potter - Alive Tonight

How and when did you first discover Michi?

I started drooling over Michi clothing over 5 or 6 years ago when I saw them in a magazine, but I really fell in love with the line when I began modeling them for Carbon 38 two years ago. You get to try on the entire season of clothing and experience the quality and luxury put into each piece.

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