I can't imagine a life without fitness. It's so much more than just looking good, it is optimal health, discipline, sanity, constant growth, and mental tenacity. I've jumped out of a plane from 18,000 feet, swam in open water with sharks in Hawaii, and nailed a catch on the flying trapeze, and I owe it all to fitness. It's the influence that drives me to show up, and level up, inside and out of my sweat sessions.
I love to inspire and influence others to fall under the influence of fitness by leading by example and through my various professional roles in the industry. I am a published fitness/health writer, a Pilates and fitness instructor, and a devotee of everything Lagree Fitness and The Studio (MDR), with aspirations to open a boutique studio in Hawaii.
What I'm most proud of is the recent launch of Aloha Spreader, a lifestyle brand I founded to foster a community of women that work hard to become better versions of ourselves in and outside of the gym; we offer simple shifts and reminders to inspire women to live life deliberately, daily. Soon, a limited edition line of products that include inspiring cards that are letter-pressed by hand in Hawaii and apparel/accessories will be offered on the website.

Joy's Motto: "Live vicariously through yourself." Prioritizing real life and being happy with our individual journeys are key; when we strive to be the best version of ourselves in every way that matters to us most, we enable ourselves to live a life beyond our wildest dreams. It's only after loving ourselves that we can have the capacity to inspire and love others, and to contribute to something bigger than ourselves.
( IG: @alohaspreader )
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